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I want more of it :)

The amount of audio errors I had to fight through is beyond me....

did you try downloading it as the description of the game does state that there are some bugs and errors in the browser version

 this was really good  I wish there was more in it

Getting a "Couldn't download - Couldn't Download" error for windows.


Android version pls?



that thing gave me nightmares

what is that?

Soda boy with roblox woman face

I am in awe.


note to self don't use an auto clicker  it will crash


my computer: why are u laughing

me: nothing

my brain: Karen


I loved the original Paizuri University, and I hope that we continue to get side stories like this. Like, some sort of Paizuri Gaiden series.


We kind of are! xD

We're working on a bunch of side stories as a compilation called Paizuri Girls Cumpilation (view its change log). It's Patron only at the moment, but you can expect a public demo eventually. Hope you're excited for it!