News on Paizuri University Chapter 2

We haven’t updated everyone for a while. So we thought, since we’ve just released the first minor build to our Patrons, it’s about time we did!

Paizuri University Chapter 2 has some very big changes. And to save us from having to write it all here (because it’s long), you can visit the public change logs at the links provided below.

Here’s some other things you might have missed.

A new character who’s personality is based on her Cosplay as voted for by our Patrons!

There have also been some major development updates.

We also ditched the support for the WebGL version. Long story short, supporting it was a serious drain on our time. Now that it’s gone, look at all the things we did!

We hope y’all like what you see, and if you do and want to support us, please do!

~ Zuri Sama & Buka Chan ~

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