A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WARNING: This game contains Adult Content and is intended for ADULTS ONLY (NSFW 18+)

Paizuri University is a comedic hentai story about a photography student, named Bill, attending Oat Pi University. After sleeping in class and getting drugged, his life spirals completely out of control as he finds himself putting "it" in places where he never thought he would. 

Follow Bill and Kareen, a pink-haired cutey, as they get caught up in lewd and uncontrollable situations involving teachers, students, watermelons and inanimate objects! 

Paizuri University would not be possible without the support of our Patrons!

If you like Paizuri University and would like to know what happens next, see what we're working on, or even just get access to bonus scenes and Patron only stuff. Please consider becoming a Patron and support us!


PaizuriUniversity_WINx86_ALPHA-0_3_5.zip 69 MB
PaizuriUniversity_OSXx86_ALPHA-0_3_5.zip 74 MB
PaizuriUniversity_LINUXx86_ALPHA-0_3_5.zip 74 MB

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Moved here to follow you and a few others, after deleting my Patreon

account (I do not accept the changes they are making this month).

I did receive your message in my email even though I had already deleted my account, and I understand your reasons, my post was to let you and other people know why I did this.

At least 1 other author whom I followed there had already made his own post on the matter, and I suspect that this will become a hot potato for the coming weeks.